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Welcome to Tech Pro Traders. We pride ourselves on making accurate and actionable trade alerts, education and trading independence. Were not here to just display our wins, but our losses as well. we make it a point in order to display the reality of trading, and that is, everyone loses. however, the point is to manage those loses as well as the profits.


Our goal: to help educate and make traders become profitable. we hope to do that through clear and direct alerts, as well as, understandable education.


We've taken the best of what we've seen in other Discord rooms and got rid of the things that seemed to leave people confused, in effort to create professional and comfortable setting to either, learn or improve your trading process.


Gain access for as low as $40/month.



There are Way too many ppl to tag n thank for helping me along this journey.  I’ve been in just about all the @MOD inboxes asking questions and none have ever hesitated to help. I love this group of ladies n gents like their my brothers n sisters.  Thanks for everything you do. 

ENJOY THE JOURNEY! Trust the process n keep rocking

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